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09 Jun 2016
Status Report

Updated photos through events of 04 Jun 2016 (IHSAA state track meet).
Updated track records through IHSAA state meet.

2016 Battle for the Border basketball game photos are in "Miscellaneous" below.
02 May - Revised and hopefully clarified my pricing. For more details, see my Price List.

Website Last Updated Picture Count
09 Jun 2016 10,310

Sports Coverage
Primary coverage: on a regular basis
Attica HS Covington HS Fountain Central HS
North Vermillion HS Purdue University Seeger HS
Secondary Coverage: once or twice each season
Benton Central HS Crawfordsville HS ** Miscellaneous **
North Montgomery HS Riverton Parke HS Rockville HS
Southmont HS Turkey Run HS WRC or Bi-County
Tertiary Coverage: whenever I get a chance
Armstrong-Potomac HS Bismarck-Henning (IL) HS Clinton Central HS
Danville Area Community College Danville (IL) Dans Baseball Danville (IL) HS
Georgetown RidgeFarm HS Hoopeston (IL) HS Lafayette Central Catholic HS
McCutcheon HS Oakwood (IL) HS Post 210 - American Legion
Salt Fork (IL) Schlarman (IL) Academy University of Illinois
Vermilion Voles Western HS Western Boone HS
West Lafayette HS Westville (IL) HS  
Other Photo-related Topics
David Flint Artwork Egypt Nature Pictures

Non-photo Topics
Do you know me? Frequently Asked Questions Legal Stuff
Picture of me Price List Swimming Records
2001 Attica State Bbask_Stats 2014_NV State Football Stats Track Records

Contact Information
2013 N Portland Arch Rd Covington IN 47932-8145 Phone:  (765) 793-3028  

Recent Changes
Pix added: 2,734 for 2016 6,255 for 2015 5,516 for 2014
  6,083 for 2013 5,528 for 2012 6,508 for 2011
  5,540 for 2010 6,914 for 2009 6,337 for 2008
  7,833 for 2007 6,511 for 2006 6,486 for 2005
  5,448 for 2004 5,349 for 2003 4,995 for 2002
Total starting 2002:   87,464 photos

Date Topic/Update Changes Made
09 Jun 2016 Deleted 20 old pictures.  

09 Jun 2016 Added 81 new pictures.  
  Attica Baseball-9
  Benton Central Track-9
  North Vermillion Baseball-22, Track-5
  Riverton Parke Baseball-9
  Southmont Track-4
  Turkey Run Baseball-23

07 Jun 2016 Updated 15 track records.  

31 May 2016 Deleted 114 old pictures.  

21 May 2016 Added 386 new pictures.  
  Attica Softball-11, Tennis-4, Track-38
  Benton Central Tennis-10, Track-55
  Covington Softball-11, Tennis-5, Track-41
  Fountain Central Softball-13, Tennis-5, Track-47
  North Montgomery Track-8
  North Vermillion Track-24
  Oakwood Baseball-10
  Rockville Softball-9
  Seeger Track-71
  Soutmont Track-7
  Turkey Run Softball-15

21 May 2016 Deleted 1,354 old pictures.  

21 May 2016 Added 1,233 new pictures.  
  Attica Baseball-20, Bbask-13, Bgolf-10
Softball-28, Gten - 27, Track-78
  Benton Central Bgolf-9
  Bismarck-Henning Baseball-10
  Covington Baseball-43, Bbask-48, Bgolf-10
Softball-28, Gten-37, Track-107
  Crawfordsville Bgolf-9
  Danville Baseball-16
  Fountain Central Baseball-19, Bgolf-8, Softball-19
Gten-46, Track-62
  Miscellaneous Battle for the Border Basketball - 120
  North Montgomery Bgolf-8
  North Vermillion Baseball-16, Bbask-13, Bgolf-10
Softball-21, Track-51
  Oakwood Baseball-9, Softball-17
  Purdue University Mbask-94, Wbask-34
  Riverton Parke Softball-35, Track-40
  Rockville Baseball-9, Bgolf-6, Softball-19
Gten-26, Track-16
  Seeger Baseball-20, Bbask-14, Bgolf-9
Softball-42, Gten-29, Track-104
  Southmont Baseball-6
  Turkey Run Baseball-11, Gten-18
  University of Illinois Mbask-36, Wbask-14
  Western Boone Bgolf-8

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